77 Robinsons, Singapore

Design Stage


77 Robinson Road is an existing commercial building in Singapore’s thriving Commercial Business District , which was the former headquarters for Singapore Airlines. The existing building was designed around a rigid post-modern grid with tired granite cladding, and is divided into four disparate volumes: a 5 storey carpark, a glass canopy over an open and underused plaza, a 7-storey stepped building with office and carpark, and a 35 storey glass tower. 

Our challenge was to update the existing building in a cost-effective and transformative manner, while creating a new identity for 77 Robinson , with a clear and exciting presence.

Our proposal seeks to do this by creating a new continuous & dramatic facade at the podium level. The new façade reads as a white band tying all of the previously disparate elements together. The centre portion of the façade folds inward and begins to deconstruct, creating a dramatic urban plaza with a water feature and sculptural canopy.  We have also added value to the street level tenants by increasing the shop frontage and adding public seating and landscape areas.


Building Type: Commercial
Location: 77 Robinson Road, Singapore
Gross Floor Area: 5,000 sqm
Status: Design Stage