788 Funeral Parlour, Singapore


The subject of death, its customs and taboos must be dealt with sensitively. The design intent on considers the local custom of strict segregation on between the act of mourning and and the necessary preparation on for such an event. As such all programs in the funeral parlour is strictly separated into three main categories: Back of House, Front of House, and General Public.

The back of house contains all facilities and offices that service the funeral parlours, which take place out of sight of the general public. Similarly, the general public is deliberately separated from all these activities, so as to avoid any accidental encounters with the aff airs in the back of house. The front of house, or the funeral parlour itself, becomes to only means by which these two groups can intentionally meet, with the sole purpose of mourning the deceased.

Building Type: Civic
Location: 788D Tampines Road, Singapore
Area: 1,645 sqm
Status: Ongoing
:Architecture Design Serie Architects London