Media Production Hub

Design Proposal (2013)

Consisting of production spaces for media companies, lifestyle showrooms and corporate office spaces, the Media Production Hub at 115 Eunos Avenue 3 is visioned to radcially transform the perception of a typical factory cum office facility as it comes equipped with a variety of recreational features (i.e. gym, food hall, lap pool, roof pavilions and basketball court).

Located in a primarily factory alloted district, the main design strategy is invite and propagate nature into the internal spaces where the users are constantly exposed to a ‘garden setting’ working environment and as a development, the extensive use of greens will soften the surrounding concrete ‘hardness’ and reduce the overall heat gain and cooling load requirement. Similarly, all working spaces are recessed from the building edge to shield away from direct sunlight and all corridors are kept externally for natural ventilation purposes and reduce reliance of artificial lighting during the day. This development is targetting for the Green Mark Platinum status.

Keeping in line with the strategy of passive environmentally conscious design strategies, we have introduced a kinetic facade that operates on wind velocity and direction thus not only serving as an additional sun shading device from the internal spaces, the movement of the facade is ever changing and animates, befitting of a media hub.

Program: Industrial
Location: Singapore
Area: 19,279 sqm
Status: Design Proposal (2013)