Raise the Red Lanterns

for iLight Marina Bay Festival 2014

For generations throughout Asia, lanterns have been symbols of joy and celebration. Festivities, such as the Yi Peng festival in Thailand and the Sky Lantern festival in Taiwan, we are particularly fascinated with the congregation of masses and the moment where thousands of floating lanterns that bear people’s hopes and wishes, are released up to the sky.

The sight is always magnificent, contemplative and temporal.

Proposed to be located along Clifford Pier, Singapore, also commonly known in the past as, 红灯码头, “red-light pier”, the installation captures the moment through a glowing carpet [40m(Length) x 5m(Breadth)] of floating lanterns that allows passers-by to contemplate on their hopes and wishes while taking a stroll under the installation. Take a minute or two to lie on the benches for personal reflection or simply enjoy the glowing atmosphere from a different angle.

Taking reference from the traditional lantern making, the lantern structure is made from bamboo, a highly renewable and sustainable resource. The lantern skin shall be made from red nylon, commonly used for kite making, for its optimum light opacity and weather resistance. Lastly, the lanterns will be lit up with LED weatherproof light strips, that will be calibrated to create different lighting patterns for the installation each night during the festival.

Building Type: Installation
Location: Clifford Pier, Singapore 
Site Area: 430sqm
Status: Shortlisted Competition Entry