Jalan Sultan Shophouses, Singapore

Completed (2011)

Located along a row of colonial shop houses, this is a unique development of 3 plots of shop house unit where 59 is slated for a design overhaul while 61 and 63, are to be conserved according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) conservation guidelines.

 Unit 59

Sandwiched between two shop houses with a narrow 3.5 width, the challenge is to allow natural daylight to filter through the rood into an otherwise dark ground floor space. Hence, a thin ribbon of glass panels is incorporated onto the roof and the level 2 slab to facilitate the penetration of daylight into the unit’s interior.



Building Type: Commercial + Conservation
Location: 59, 61, 63 Jalan Sultan, Singapore
Site Area: 2500sqm
Status: Completed (2011)