SRI City SEZ (City Square), Chennai,  India

Design Proposal (2008)

Located in India’s fifth most populous city, Chennai’s 4.34 million inhabitants is rising at an incremental pace and new infrastructures are required to accommodate this rising trend. Hence, the masterplan proposal for City Square is envisioned to create a vibrant and exciting workspace and recreational environment for the new Sri City SEZ.

Inspired by the adjacent, Lake Egumandurai Cheruvu, a series of organic ‘ribbon strips’ are laid across the site along the East- West axis where the long side of buildings are oriented in the North- South direction, to minimize the sun exposure. Building forms are typified by dual ‘Bars’ to achieve a coherent identity yet defying the conventional gridded layout.

In the process of achieving the density required, proximity of building position and scale of in between spaces are taken into consideration, to create shaded opens paces, sheltered connections and spaces of relief. Moreover, the gaps in between spaces in the urban form are treated as green linkages for pedestrian mobility and forms part of the extensive green network that connects the Gateway Garden, Village Garden, Lakeside Garden and the peripheral garden belts.

Building Type: Masterplan
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Site Area: 750 340 sqm 
Gross Floor Area: 150,000 sqm 
Status: Design Proposal (2008)