Stamford Arts Centre, Singapore



It is envisioned that the new SAC through the refurbishment exercise will position SAC as a Traditional Arts-focused Centre with emphasis on Artistic innovation through cross genre art-form collaborations.

Drawing from the analogy of the fly system located at the backstage of traditional theatres,  the “fly system” is introduced here as space frame volumes that sits in between the 3 blocks. Conservation blocks A, B and C are connected via short link bridges at the 2nd storey, each block with its distinctive Art Deco facades are lined up in a row. These new insertions punctuate and frames each of the 3 blocks. The in-between spaces are enclosed with in the fly space, strung with art installations, publicity banners and lighting transforming the previously remnant spaces into a vibrant activity zone. These collaborative zones permit and encourage tenant’s activities such as practices and rehearsals to spill out allowing the public to visually engage and inter-mingle with the artists.


Building Type: Institutional
Location: 155 Waterloo Street, Singapore
Client: National Arts Council Singapore
Gross Floor Area: 3,481 sqm 
Site Area: 1,933.20 sqm
Status: On going