The African Economic City (AEC)

Design Proposal (2008)

Conceptualised from the process of crystal growth, the AEC shall be a send crystal of an African aspiration forming at the edge of the hypnotically beautiful Mediterranean coastline emerging from the expanse of the 20km by 20km site, the lines of geometry emerges from its 4 corners to find the center. From the center, radiates the evolving geometry of the site, like an organic crystalline growth radiating its web-like lattice structure. From this lattice veins development will start to sprout. This robust and evolving matrix absorbs variety and from it will spring forth a unique and characteristic motif – a motif of AEC.


Gleaming of like and vibrancy, the city’s tapestry of light is seen from the skies in the twilight hours. The map profile of Africa is superimposed onto the site, forming another later to the tapestry. Its 1km width shall form the natural green connector to the site, symbolically emphasizing the varied and beautiful landscape of Africa and the importance of its preservation.


Building Type: Masterplan
Location: Libya, Maghreb, N. Africa
Site Area: 4000 sqkm
Status: Design Proposal (2008) 
Consultants: Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd