The Body Clinic, Singapore

Completed (2011)

The Body Clinic is the first and largest integrated private pain management centre both in Singapore and the Asia Pacific. Located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore, the brief was to rebrand the company’s corporate image and create an upmarket luxurious urban sanctuary for the rehabilitation of body aches and pains. The centre includes specialised therapy rooms for body massages, an open gym area for rehabilitative exercises, sales and consultation rooms, changing rooms and administrative rooms.

The design strategy is to create an environment with a comfortable level of privacy for the centre’s discerning clientele, though the interior design to create a sense of transparency and openness to elevate the spatial experience beyond the typical partitioned cubicles. By utilizing the nature of transparency, reflectivity and opacity, through a combination of brown tinted glass, bronze tinted mirror and bronze solid panel, the design language is kept consistent throughout the centre.Partitions between various functions are revealed or hidden strategically, creating a heightened sense of curiosity and interest for the eye.

Program: Wellness Centre
Location: Singapore
Area: 550sqm
Status: Completed (2011)