Wei Hai Hot Spring Spa Resort

Design Proposal (2007)

Located in eastern Shandong province, China, the Weihai – Hot Spring Spa Resort, masterplan takes its inspiration from the site’s natural topographic beauty and majestic landscape.


While being divided into 3 land plots that will be realized in separate phases, the entire development is linked together through the introduction of a linear ‘crystal mountain’ spine containing high social activity level programs that will form the central focal points for this new township.

Taking into consideration of the local population’s close relationship to nature, extensive plots of lush green landscapes and multi- directional waterway channels are consciously introduced to create the constant interaction between human activities and nature, thus providing the basis for a vibrant street life to emerge and evolve.


Building Type: Masterplan
Location: Wei Hia, Shandong, China
Site Area: 676, 140 sqm
Status: Design Proposal (2007)