Sun Tower, HCMC



Workspaces are changing. Distinct work environments that encourage networking are now highly valued over generic office plates. The office space of yesterday, featuring repetitive and undifferentiated workspaces no longer supports the collaborative nature of work today. The office of tomorrow will increasingly feature the provision of third spaces, i.e., spaces that workers use between home and the office cubicle. These spaces are increasingly important as they make up the informal networking spaces, which includes meeting spaces, conference rooms, break-out areas, gyms, gardens, and F&B amenities. Furthermore, offices with ample light, ventilation and lush outdoor spaces are valued above all as they promote wellbeing and communication.

Our design accommodates these amenities by simply shifting the floor plates of a generic tower. These shifts create large terraces for networking spaces. Together with outdoor seating and lush spill out areas, they form a unique meeting space with views across the city.

The networking space is expressed by a cluster of varied floorplates, concentrated at the upper end of the tower. The various floorplates in this zone are pulled out and pushed in to create terraces,  resulting in a tower with a unique silhouette. The contrast between the uniform and orthogonal floorplates and the large cantilevered terraces for the networking areas further enhances the distinctiveness of the tower design.

The podium is also distinguished with shuffled floor plates and will hold restaurants, retail and cafes, gyms and auditoriums. The floorplates facing the river are shuffled to create large cantilevered floors for outdoor activities and planting. These generous terraces will be filled with activity and will be visible on the approach to the Metro station, enhancing the urban life of the area and increasing pedestrian safety after work hours. A prominent two-storey high volume is created at the western corner of the podium to receive the Metro entrance, incorporating the design of the metro and podium into a coherent whole.


Building Type: Mixed Use, Commercial, Office
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Gross Floor Area: 106,850sqm
Design Architects: Serie + Multiply Consultants Pte Ltd
Project Architects RSP Architects Planners and Engineers (Vietnam) Co Ltd