Pansodan Ferry Terminal, Myanmar

Design Proposal (2012)

The site offers the opportunity to provide exciting new public spaces along the riverside of Yangon. The cornerstone of public space in our proposal is a waterfront promenadethat fronts the entire site, linking public and commercial zones with a tree lined pedestrian only boardwalk featuring seating, lighting, and public art. Loading and unloading for the ships and ferries is kept separate from the promenade so that it can remain an open public area along the river. Plazas are positioned at both entrances of the site to provide a welcoming gateway, including public art and water fountains. Landscaping and greenery are used throughout the site to provide shade and create a park like atmosphere, including the public spaces on the Mall rooftop.

Building Type: Ferry Terminal
Location: Pansosan, Yangon, Myanmar
Site Area: 6831 sqm
Status: Design Proposal (2012)